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Supervises cost estimating, analysis, and control activities. Supervises schedule development, maintenance, monitoring, and recovery plan development activities. Prepares and reviews or supervises the preparation and presentation of estimates. Supports project organizational and administrative activities.


The following duties are General/Common across disciplines within the Project Controls function:

1. Provides comments and recommendations for planning and scheduling/cost engineering requirements relative to staffing and project control. Prepares detailed staffing plans for planning and scheduling/cost engineering activities.

2. Reviews or assists in reviewing proposal provisions related to schedule/cost engineering and material control, and develops supporting data for contract negotiations.

3. Interfaces with designated Bechtel management and client counterparts for specific planning and schedule tasks/cost presentations.

4. Participates in developing and presenting training classes on designated subjects and on-the-job training for specific processes and practices.

5. Conducts personnel performance reviews when delegated. Interviews candidates and makes recommendations for employment decisions.

6. Coordinates information input into specific studies. Responsible for integration of activities and total work scope identification. Evaluates study results and recommends conclusions for project team consideration and discussion.

7. Prepares and analyzes comparisons of scope, quantities, and cost data between the projects.

8. Performs productivity analysis of construction operations and verifies results by staffing and crew analysis of work operations by craft.

9. Develops bid evaluation cost and schedule criteria and prepares bid evaluations. May participate in discussions with vendors.

10. Supports development of Project Controls standards and procedures. Supervises and supports the compilation of historical data.

11. Creates and implements measurement systems for established processes, analyzes performance metric results, and identifies improvements. Uses statistical tools to analyze metrics (e.g., regression, analysis of variance, correlation), and analyzes measurement systems to identify bias, repeatability, and stability issues.

The following duties are performed with respect to Cost Engineering and Estimating:

1. Coordinates and establishes scoping requirements for the overall cost estimate by discipline or other specialty, and coordinates the timely, systematic, and complete acquisition of scope definition and related data. Reviews design scope criteria and quantities for completeness and reasonableness, and coordinates with the project to develop additional estimating bases when information is incomplete. Establishes the conceptual scope of studies when definition is not available.

2. Plans, coordinates, and establishes level of quantification appropriate to the objectives of the effort and to the level of scope definition for each discipline or specialty, and designates reference job(s) for source data and/or reconciliations of quantities. Reviews quantities and their completeness and reasonableness.

3. Takes a lead role in estimating activities. Establishes the conceptual scope of estimates and studies. Establishes format and content of summaries and reconciliations, including segregation of cost according to level of confidence and identification of areas of risk.

4. Coordinates pricing structure or criteria to be used by each discipline or specialty to meet the objectives of the cost estimate.

5. Assists in developing unit job hour and pricing data for a specific discipline or other specialty, including estimating parameters, factors indices, productivity and craft distribution reference data, etc., based on analysis of Bechtel and industry experience. Performs data analysis, identifies problems, and makes recommendations.

6. Obtains vendor information to update the cost data file, and maintains cost data files.

7. Establishes productivity basis to be utilized in estimates, as developed in concurrence with Construction. Reviews labor estimates for reasonableness.

8. Prepares or reviews distributable and/or contractors’ indirect cost estimates, developing basis for temporary facilities, miscellaneous construction services, construction tools and equipment, nonmanual manpower, startup services, payroll taxes and insurance, camp facilities and operation, and other field office costs. Researches and develops or reviews tax estimates, and addresses federal, state, and local tax issues. Assists in developing or develops foreign currency and exchange rate estimates. Prepares or reviews contingency evaluation for estimates, escalation estimates, reconciliations for estimates, and management presentations.

9. Defines project needs for cost control in accordance with established Bechtel and client contractual requirements, objectives, and procedures. Supervises the timely and competent performance of cost control activities. Reviews and critiques designs and specifications for cost effectiveness and suggests alternatives when appropriate. Prepares or supervises the preparation of cost studies utilizing historical data, statistical analysis, and cost and quantity comparisons. Innovates new techniques as required to meet specific needs. Prepares cost trend estimates in support of project cost trend programs.

10. Supervises cost recording, monitoring, and reporting practices for compliance with applicable standards. Supervises and is responsible for the development and accuracy of cost engineering reports. Verifies consistency with previous reports to ensure compatibility. Responsible for issuing reports required by Bechtel management and project procedures.

11. Supervises investigating requirements for estimating and/or cost control data for specific discipline or other specialty applications. Identifies needs for cost analysis support for the project, and recommends development or modification of cost engineering data standards. Supervises performance of cost analysis activities within the project.

The following duties are performed with respect to Scheduling:

1. Supervises the collection, verification, and integration of work scope for all entities into the total project plan. Reviews the representation of project scope in schedules.

2. Plans and supervises the effort to establish milestones for total project or major portions of the project. Reviews project work activities to ensure support of project milestones.

3. Provides supervision and assistance to planners in the development and integration of individual schedules into the total project plan. Reviews the performing organization’s and unit’s work logics and determines adequacy of schedules in support of overall project schedule.

4. Supervises/directs, reviews, and evaluates schedule durations for all disciplines’ activities relative to support of project milestones. Supervises/directs calculation of durations and other considerations affecting activity durations.

5. Plans, organizes, and supervises schedule resource loading and leveling, as well as project cost budgets. Coordinates development of all bulk commodity release and installation curves. Integrates appropriate manpower requirements for each discipline/specialty relative to overall project needs. Determines quantity and manpower levels in support of project needs and schedule philosophy.

6. Supervises/directs obtaining required schedule information by all disciplines. Supervises identifying of schedule restraints and effect on total project schedule. Works with all departments to ensure understanding of total project schedule needs. Responsible for total integration of schedule activities. Identifies schedule considerations and problems resulting from interdiscipline or group restraints and interfaces.

7. Monitors and reports critical path and schedule performance of the total project. Supervises project schedule analysis and studies of problem areas to determine criticality of schedule activities. Recommends alternatives for schedule improvement to project team for discussion and/or decision.

8. Responsible for preparing and presenting the Schedule Impact Report. Responsible for leading the development and review of schedule recovery plans, including evaluation of additional resources/costs required to effect such plans.


Experience in performing, monitoring, and reviewing planning and scheduling functions, including schedule development, control, and analysis, and cost engineering functions, including cost estimating, cost control, financial reporting systems, and cost analysis, in the field and the home office.

Knowledge of supervision, personnel administration, and training of technical and nontechnical personnel.

Skilled in oral and written communication.

Proficiency in using PC operating systems, including several basic software applications. Proficiency in using multiple discipline-specific software applications currently used by Bechtel (PCWorks or Primavera, for example).

Knowledge of financial report systems and controller account codes, and understanding of Controller instructions, which impact Project Controls (including Project Financial Status Reports and Earned Revenue Determination Data).

Demonstrates an intermediate level of understanding of Project Controls general technical skills.

Intermediate level of knowledge of engineering, procurement, contracts, construction, and startup work processes, as performed by Bechtel.

Knowledge of engineering and/or construction management customarily acquired over time through specialized instruction or practical experience.

All applicants must have the right to work and remain in Chile.

Position for Quebrada Blanca Fase 2 Project in Santiago, Chile .

Salary will be based on current market rates and the posted grade will not be adjusted to suit the successful candidate.

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