Bechtel Corporation LNG Operations/Commissioning Supervisor 1 in Delta, British Columbia

Requisition ID: 209756

  • Internal Candidate Under Consideration: No

  • Relocation Authorized: National/International - Single

  • Project No.: 25930

Basic Qualifications

  • Plant Operations Experience as a shift supervisor for minimum 5 years

  • LNG Plant Operations Experience will be most preferred, experience in Ethylene plant cold end and cryogenic plant operations of similar complexity can be considered

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plans, develops, coordinates, and directs plant startup activities.

  • Develop and communicate operations plans and shift logs

  • Coordinates and monitors plant operations, provides technical direction to plant shift operators

  • Adept at diagnosing and troubleshooting operations issues, providing corrective actions to avoid upsets/maloperation in order to control the plant within the design envelope

  • Co ordinates and monitors plant maintenance, shutdown and restart activities while ensuring that the work is carried out safely and efficiently

  • Coordinates and supervises assigned client’s operating and maintenance personnel.

  • Participates in startup forecasting and preparation activities as required.

  • Supports the preparation of operations manuals and assists the client in developing detailed Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Develop and deliver effective training, coaching and mentoring to plant operators

  • Evaluate operator performance and core competencies to ensure alignment with their expected position requirements

  • Coordinate and Issue work permits on site, ensuring safe site working practices per procedure

  • Ensures plant operability and operating personnel safety.

  • Provides technical support to other disciplines & CSU supervisors regarding equipment and process unit operation.

  • Provides support relative to catalyst and chemical dosing/loading and inventory.

  • Responsible for observing and promoting all aspects of Operational Discipline

BOPS Guidelines include the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position. Please refer to the Guidelines and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.