Bechtel Corporation Standardisation Manager Job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Requisition ID: 193059

  • Internal Candidate Under Consideration: No

  • Relocation Authorized: International - Single

  • Project No.: 95956

  • Grade: 27

Position Duties & Responsibilities:

The Standardization Manager’s mandate is to continue the development of standards after all NPMO deliverables are issued. The Standardization Manager will address the need for consultants and contractors working for government entities to follow a systematic and regimented approach to project implementation. This NPMO resource will support the NPMO team and entities by:

  • Ensuring standardized execution methods are reflected throughout the KSA Projects White Book and templates.

  • Ensuring general procedures defining the process(es) are followed by each NPMO department/discipline

  • Ensure checklist(s) are available to verify comprehensive implementation of the general procedure.

  • Ensure use of the ‘stage gate process’ developed by the NPMO for use by government entities/ ministries across their sectors throughout the project life cycle

  • Ensure that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure achievement and compliance are in place.

The Standardization Manager will address the evolving needs of the entities documentation developed by the NPMO by arranging updates periodically to reflect technical and operational advancements and lessons learned. The Standardization Manager;

  • Directs standardization activities at the NPMO, EPMO and project levels, communicating with engineering, procurement, and construction, administrative services, testing, operations, and other project personnel to ensure management goals and objectives are met.

  • Aggregates existing standards provided by the EPMO’s for project execution in the KSA and combines them with industry best practices to create a Saudi National standards database for use on all infrastructure projects.

  • Coordinates the preparation of and establishes the standardization program/plan within the project.

  • Reviews procedures prepared on the project to ensure compliance with the standardization program/plan.

  • Supports training of personnel assigned to the project.

  • Supervises and participates in the project auditing and monitoring program to verify the effectiveness of the project standards program/plan.

  • Recommends actions to project personnel to correct observed standards deficiencies.

  • Manages complex organizational interactions that evolve from the participation of several functional teams or from client-established relationships.

  • Prepares reports on the effectiveness of the standards program/plan implementation.

Knowledge & Experience:

  • Experience and a cultural understanding of project management within KSA.

  • Broad knowledge of standardization principles/tools and their application to engineering, environmental, procurement, construction, testing, and operations.

  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements and functions which impact the standardization program/plan.

  • Proficiency in oral and written communications.

  • Proficiency in providing direction and on the job training to assigned personnel.

  • Proficiency in managing financial performance.

  • Proficiency in the use of applicable computer programs.

  • This knowledge is normally acquired through one or a combination of the following:

  • a recognized degree in an engineering discipline, and

  • specialized courses in engineering, quality, personnel administration or a specialized discipline, and

  • practical work experience in fields of engineering, environmental science, procurement, construction, testing, operations, or business administration.

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