Bechtel Corporation Field Leadership Development Specialist Job in Houston, Texas

Requisition ID: 192859

Role Overview:

Position will be an integral part of the Field Leadership Organization and will have responsibility for delivering all aspects of the Field Leadership Development Program as assigned.

This role will support project needs/requirements in relation to Field Leadership specifically related to Foreman, General Foreman Superintendents, and Field Engineers. This role supports a robust and dynamic development program that seeks to cultivate a strong leadership culture on our projects and retain our top field leadership talent. Roles and responsibilities can rapidly change based on corporate initiatives and candidate should be prepared to make directional shifts as needed to support company objectives.

This role is highly visible within the company and as such, candidate should have versatile communication abilities to address all levels of personnel and management. Candidate should have ability to manage multiple programs simultaneously and be able to produce results based on facilitated training. Candidate should model as well as have ability to coach and mentor employees through leadership and supervisor development. Candidate should be able to identify, evaluate and recommend qualified field leadership for talent pools, promotions and transitions between projects.


  • Maintains working and active relationship with Bechtel Construction and Field Leadership Development program management team in creating, coordinating and facilitating Field Leadership development

  • Maintains working and active relationship with Project Management teams

  • Maintains contact with appropriate levels of Bechtel organization, including business unit, service organization, office

  • Maintains working contact with site IR/LR manager and recruiters

The position will require someone with proven abilities to:

  • Problem solve independently and within a team context and propose solutions.

  • Facilitate learning that engages the audience and ultimately leads to leadership behavior change.

  • Understand the various communication styles and preferences of the audience and adjust the message as needed for obvious interpretation.

  • Understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.

  • Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and able to recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others. The ability to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments.

  • Observe and connect the task at hand with the overall business goals of the company in order to directly influence various outcomes, deliverables, and actions.

  • Build an inclusive environment where thoughts, ideas and disagreements are encouraged and generated by others to foster greater innovation and problem solving for business success.

Principal Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for all coordination related to conducting the Field Leadership Development program on project to include interface with Site Management and responsible parties for identification of participants, conducts Performance Verifications, and support of linking activities on project

  • Responsible for the delivery of High Performance Crews (HPC) on the project site utilizing a discovery learning method


  • Observation, coaching, and mentoring of Field Leaders to reinforce learning and ongoing skill development

  • Facilitation and debrief activities of the Bechtel Field Leadership Assessment


  • Scheduling of participants in various aspects of the Field Leadership Development Program

  • Maintains metrics from Field Leadership program, analyze and report to management

Integration Specialist

  • Work with Bechtel Production System group to identify opportunities to integrate various productivity systems with the Field Leadership Development Program (data, trends, learning)

Other activities and requirements associated with role and delivery of the Field Leadership Development Program.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in Education, Human Resources, Business, or 4 years’ equivalent degree/experience

  • 5+ years direct experience in workforce development or equivalent learning and development field

  • Must have strong classroom facilitation skills and some experience in Discovery Learning

  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with people in a professional manner and to contribute as a member of a team

  • Proven ability to maintain confidentiality of highly sensitive information

  • Ability to work independently and in a team

  • Must be organized, flexible, proactive and have strong written and oral

communication skills

  • Must be able to extract, compile, analyze and present data and information

  • Must have passport and the ability to travel abroad

  • Intermediate Office skills (Microsoft Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Must have strong classroom facilitation skills

  • Must be willing to travel approx. 25% of the time

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree

  • Proven Construction Experience

  • Significant experience in Discovery Learning

  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills

  • Advanced written and oral communication skills

  • Bi-lingual

BOPS Guidelines include the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position. Please refer to the Guidelines and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.